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Promoting The Nigerian Culture Via Entertainment

Nigerians dressed in cultural attires.
Nigerians dressed in cultural attires.

Nigeria has many tribes but one thing that unifies them all is their culture. Even though many aspects of the Nigerian culture aren’t discovered yet, on the whole, the entertainment industry uses it to attract target consumers. Successful brands base their basic market strategy by mixing culture and music to create an appealing mix for their customers. Entertainment is definitely an important part of Nigeria and if they use the culture properly, it can be used rightfully to promote the country’s cultural values.

What Does the Tour Consist Of?

The tour takes you through five Southwestern cities including Abeokuta, Oyo State, Ilorin, Ado Ekiti, Benin City, and Ikare Akoko and is primarily aimed that promoting the culture of its locals.

One of the many attractions of the tour is the traditional drummers’ competition that the tourists get to visit and experience the most ethnic and indigenous talent, something they’ve never seen before. The winner gets a cash prize. You can send the affiliate code from Nairabet to your friends and family to get more points to play the game online. In fact, you could make a decent income of your own online if you could refer enough of your friends to this online casino. And since there are plenty of games to choose from, we are sure they wouldn’t mind anyway!

All across the globe, Nigeria is the only country with the most diversified culture and traditions and this makes entertainment an essential way to spread it not just among Nigerian citizens but also around the world. Culture combined with entertainment industry has become an integral part of the Nigerian economy.

The Nigerian Entertainment Scene: What Does it Look Like?

Entertainment has a major role to play in any society around the world because it brings people of the community who share same cultural values together. For example, in Greece people came together every year to celebrate fertility god and that is how it converted from being just a culture to a source of entertainment.

Even in South West Nigeria, people use entertainment to promote culture. Benin, which is located in South West Nigeria, has an initiative called Excellency Tour that takes you from Nigerian breweries to Goldberg. In fact, Nigerians love music and movies and everything online. Did you know that most Nigerians who are online love to play online casino games?

The Nollywood Movie Industry: Bringing in New Excitement

Nollywood, Nigerian movie industry and music industry have been taking great efforts to spread the richness of Nigerian culture through their talent and movies. Storylines of many Nigerian movies surround Nigerian lifestyle, wedding ceremony, and social causes like the abolition of twins killing. At the same time, the music industry also effectively captures Nigerian cultures in its lyrics and beats.

One can easily say that entertainment and culture are symbiotic as entertainment thrives on culture. Most movies that are shown on African Magic have a message depicting Nigerian lifestyle, soundtracks, language, and style of dressing. Culture is deeply woven in Nigerian entertainment.

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