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Checkout the NUC list of top 10 best Universities in Nigeria 2018

It is worth noting that National Universities Commission did not provide updated data for several years. This was officially stated by the Executive Secretary, Prof. Adamu Abubakar Abdulrasheed. But high powered Committee was constituted, and it has to deal with this task in future. It consists of prominent academicians. So the results will be really qualitative. The head of the Committee is the former Executive Secretary, Professor Peter Okebukola. On the Internet, you can find some ratings that repeat the outdated data or put ABU Zaria in the first position.


Their authors claim that it is the latest result of 2018. But the reliability of this info is not confirmed. Be careful!

We invite you to read the latest official NUC list which was published several years ago.

1. University of Ibadan

NUC representatives declared that it is the best university in Nigeria. The institution was established in 1947 as a College under the University of London. Local students mastered Arts, Science, and Medicine. A full-fledged university was formed in 1962.

At the moment, 13 faculties are offered to the attention of applicants:

  • Arts
  • Science
  • Basic Medical Sciences
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Social Sciences
  • Education
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Рharmacy
  • Technology
  • Law
  • Public Health and Dentistry

The Faculties of the Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Public Health and Dentistry refer to the University’s College of Medicine.

Also, there are some academic units:

  • Institute of Child Health
  • Institute of Education
  • Institute of African Studies
  • Centre for Child Adolescent and Mental Health
  • Centre for Educational Media Resource Studies
  • African Regional Centre for Information Science (ARCIS)
  • Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CEPACS)
  • Centre for Petroleum, Energy, Economics and Law (CPEEL)
  • Centre for Sustainable Development (CESDEV)
  • Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI)
  • Institute for Advanced Medical Research and Training (IAMRAT)
  • Centre for Drug Discovery, Development & Production (CDDDP),
  • Centre for Control & Prevention of Zoonosis (CCPZ)

You can become a student of Pan African University Life & Earth Sciences Institute hosted by UI. The program exists for the second year. More than 90 students from all over Africa take part in it.

2. University of Lagos

It is not surprising that one of the best universities in Nigeria is situated in such a large and bright city like Lagos. UNILAG was founded in 1962, has 3 campuses located in Akoka, Yaba, and Surulere. Many people call it the University of First Choice and the Nation’s Pride.

Initially, 131 students were trained here. To date, this figure has risen to 40,000 trainees. The university has a working staff of 3365 people.

You can choose one of 12 faculties:

  • Arts
  • Basic Medical Science
  • Business Administration
  • Clinical Sciences
  • Dental Sciences
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Science
  • Law
  • Рharmacy
  • Science
  • Social Science

Also, there are 2 centers:

  • Centre for Human Rights
  • Centre for African Regional Integration and Borderland Studies

If you live far from Lagos, there is a possibility to study Accounting, Business Administration, Science Education, and Library Information Services at Distance Learning Institute.

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