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Check out the expensive lifestyle of the super rich kids of Dubai – These guys spend without checking their balance (With Pics)

The rich kids of Dubai may think they are being humble, posting snapshots into their glamorous lives, but the reality behind the pictures points to a much different motivating factor. With all the cash at their disposal that they might possibly want, there is only one reason for posting pictures of their million-dollar shoe collections, lavish days spent traveling and the latest string of jewelry that they have acquired. What’s that? To show off of course. When the latest Louboutins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Chanels, Louis Vuittons, Guccis, Manolo Blahnik, and all the other most expensive brands become too commonplace, they turn instead to custom gold-plated cars, iPhones and everything else that can be turned to gold. Money is no issue after all.


According to Gulf Newsfor the first time broken into the world’s top 20 list of countries with the highest concentration of ultra-rich residents, with the country’s billionaire population rising by more than 30 per cent.”

As such, there are even more rich kids in Dubai now and with all the pictures that they post of their crazy lifestyles, it’s hard not to wonder how they even find time to go to school in-between all the partying and shopping.

20 Just Some Light Shopping

With the biggest shopping mall in the world being in Dubai, it’s not that surprising to see countless pics of the Rich Kids of Dubai walking out with numerous bags from designer stores such as Luis Vuitton, Chanel, Ralph Lauren and many others. According to the Dubai Mall’s official website, there are over 1,200 stores spread out over 5.9 million square feet! Naturally for the unlimited spenders, assistants are needed to help carry the bags, especially if the shopping is done in not-so-comfortable high heels. Wouldn’t it be easier to just shop online?

This Dubai rich kid undoubtedly thought that she was just being modest taking a casual picture, but the many bags held up by the porter points to a much darker desire to show off her expensive lifestyle.

19 A Walking Advertisement

Not too long ago, one of Dubai’s richest and most famous kids made headlines for a very interesting reason. Not too long ago, the Daily Mail reported that 15-year-old Rashid Belhasa had been given a £200,000 Ferrari wrapped in Louis Vuitton print. In US currency, that equates to about $285,000 currently.

Turns out that it was actually a combination of a Louis Vuitton and Supreme print, but this gift particularly stands out because Belhasa wouldn’t have actually been able to drive the car yet. The legal driving age in Dubai is 18. At the time, the Dubai rich kid had posted a video of himself showing off the car, saying: “It’s all about the detail.” He may think that he is humble by not overtly saying that he’s better than those with less money than his daddy, but this is still a clear case of a rich kid showing off.

In reference to Lionel Messi, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan being family friends, he reportedly told EconomicTimes.com: “They all want to spend time on our family farm and see our tigers. Sometimes I have to say no. I don’t have the time and it is tiring.”

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