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5 Nigerian songs inspired by football events

Nigeria VS India
Nigeria VS India

Music helps you in every stage of your life. It motivates you, makes you happy, and also helps to let out frustrating emotions. Football is everything for Nigeria and the music industry has very well captured the competitive emotion. You can learn more about the sport using the bet9ja bookmaker. Football in Nigeria is not only a game but also

Football in Nigeria is not only a game but also an emotions. No one misses any football match, may it be domestic or international. Stadiums are filled with football lovers, singing their favorite football-inspired songs, and hooting for their favorite team.

The Top 5 Nigerian Songs You Just Cannot Miss Out on As a Football Fan

So to prepare you for watching the 2018 FIFA World Cup live, here are five best Nigerian songs inspired by football events:

1. Loko Iya won

Nigeria won gold in Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and that’s when the face of football changed completely in the country. Lagbaja released the song immediately after win, which was an instant superhit and carries nostalgic emotions till today. The song is played during every football match and all Nigerians sing along, which is an indescribable feeling. Lyrics of the song captures every opponent Nigeria defeated during the event. One of the most famous lines is Ask Argentina, ask Brazil, when it comes to soccer, Nigeria loko iya won.

 2. Super Eagles Carry Go

Sung by Austino Milado during the early 2000s, Super Eagles Carry Go soon became a national anthem that was a major success. The song was written to celebrate Super Eagles victory in every tournament they participated in and is definitely a walk down the memory dream. It is still played at major competitions the club participates in and is one of the crowd favorites even today. Talk about being a classic song on football that continues to catch the fancy of all.

 3. Power of Naija

This song was released after the Nigerian national team qualified for the 2010 World Cup hosted in South Africa. Nigeria’s two leading artists – Omawunmi and 2baba put together the song to celebrate the occasion, which was produced by Cobhams Asuquo, who also sung some part of the song.

 4. All We Are Saying

Whenever the national team is going to score a goal, this song is played at the stadium. It is an adaptation of John Lennon’s 1969 singles, Plastic Ono Band by the Nations supporters club. People are hoping that it will be modified to fit the 2018 World Cup. we hope that Super Eagles hit a lot of goals so that we get to hear the song many times.

 5. Gyrate

This song was released following Nigeria’s win in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and soon became an evergreen song. Irrespective of the game, this song is played every time Nigerian athletes and teams win internationally.

Football is one of the more popular sports worldwide and you are sure to love it. However, you could just notch up the excitements a few level higher by hearing the right songs. If you are in Nigeria, don’t forget to listen to these songs – it is sure to make your day!

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