Home Articles & Editorials The number 1 crowd-funding platform, NGNFund reaches 10k members.

The number 1 crowd-funding platform, NGNFund reaches 10k members.

NGNFUND #No1 legit way to make cool cash in NIGERIA Reaches 10k members!

Would an extra N70 Million make the difference?

Would an extra N70 Million make the difference?

Want to make money in 2018 and do so with peace of mind? Then read on!

The reason most people don’t realize their goals is because they either lack information or do not act on information at their disposal.  This post bridges the information gap by pointing you to the best ways you can invest your money in 2018 and live the life you have always wanted in Nigeria.   It is for you to act on this information for a better 2018.

Now the Best Investment Options in 2018 for those who want to make money with peace of mind.




One way or the other you must have heard about the much talked about NGNfund Investment. Nigerians can’t seem to stop talking about it at the moment, and the investment is experiencing an unprecedented growth the Nigerian internet community has ever seen, with lots of savvy investors keep trooping in daily. It’s fast becoming a wild fire.

So why is there so much hype and buzz around NGNFund? The answer is simple. This new fever in town could make you rich beyond your wildest dream and its 100% scam free and transparent.

What Exactly is NGNFund? NGNFund is a business for yourself but not by yourself. It is the First Indigenous Crowdfunding Team-Work Based, Person to Person, Naira Donations Network-Business Platform. It is Designed Intelligently to Empower Members Start Up various Businesses in the Country and Earn Naira From a Spare Amount of NGN2,000

The company started on the 1st of January, 2018 and was officially launched on the 8th of January, 2018 and is presently gaining substantial unmatched grounds the Investment world has ever seen.


Where Members Heavily Compete For Top 10 States,

Top 10 Recruiters & Top 10 Earners.  

Recently it was rated #1 on Alexa worldwide for Indigenous local currency pay processor’s Peer to Peer donation programs online as “The Best Investment” in Nigeria, 2018. With over 10,000 members already subscribed within 8 weeks+ of its launching


How does it work?
Firstly, you only need NGN2,000 to get started! Simply Donate NGN2,000 to your upline and upload your proof of payment for confirmation. EVERYONE starts with Equal amount as entry point, After that, the rest is just pass-up funds, You are not required to put in fresh money anymore!

Secondly, you need just 2 people to get started with earnings, if you have more than 2 people, the system automatically place them under your downlines!

Thirdly, Upgrade as soon as you receive 50% of your donation on every stage, Don’t wait for the full amount, it would be paid! If not your downlines might overtake you and you then miss their donation!

The above table explains the Estimated Profit Calculation of NGNFund System

 let’s look at level 1, you get a registration link from your upline and create your account in NGNFund.

Donate N2,000


Level 1 -: You Invite & Receive N2,000 from 2 referrals (your two direct referrals) = N4,000 (Donate N2,000 to Upgrade Level 2) Gain N2,000 


Level 2 -: You Receive N2,000 from 4 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N8,000 (Donate N4,000 to Upgrade Level 3) Gain N4,000


Level 3 -: You Receive N4,000 from 8 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N32,000 (Donate N16,000 to Upgrade Level 4) Gain N16,000


Level 4 -: You Receive N16,000 from 16 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N256,000 (Donate N128,000 to Upgrade Level 5) Gain N128,000


Level 5 -: You Receive N128,000 from 32 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N4,096,000 (Donate N1,000,000 to Upgrade Level 6) Gain N3,096,000


Level 6 -: You Receive N1,000,000 from 64 referrals (paid by your referrals referrals) = N64,000,000


The richest man in Africa says and I quote “To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big.” – Aliko Dangote

Some of the unique features of NGNFUND include:

  1. It is very affordable.
  2. It is local and has a means of withdrawal: Bank & ATM.
  3. It’s service based so you need not sell any product.



Below are the testimonies of NGNFund members


I Can’t Refer People! No Problem

Simply select any of the 3 options below to Register.

  1. Register directly on https://ngnfund.com upgrade within 12 hours and benefit from the massive traffic of prospects on the site
  2. Consult Livechat Agents for NGNFund Adminstrator’s Link and Register and upgrade within 12 hours to benefit from massive traffic of prospects on the site.
  3. Visit various Teams on https://ngnfund.com/teams based on your location get the admin’s referral link register and upgrade within 24hours and benefit from massive spillovers of referrals as well.


For more info about NGNFUND:

Visit – https://ngnfund.com

Telegram – t.me/ngnfund

Facebook – https://web.facebook.com/ngnfund

Instagram – @ngnfund

Make NGNFUND Succeed For You!

We all have dreams, but there is a great difference between those that fulfil them and those that don’t.

The successful person dreams, thinks about how to make his dreams come true and then takes action!

Now that you understand more about Ngnfund and its nationwide online network why not be a part of it and take action today?

The beauty of Ngnfund system is that you only need to find just 2 members to earn up to N70 million in commissions!

The business is expanding weekly and numerous people are already earning substantial amounts of money having joined the Ngnfund system.

How many of the people that you know, do you think would be interested in Ngnfund?

Probably most of them! Simply register today, with the determination and the support of NGNFUND you will soon be in that Top Position!

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