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List of courses to study in Nigerian universities if you want to get a VERY good job – You will start making crazy money even before NYSC if you study #4

Courses to study in Nigerian universities: Apart from earning a professional certificate, there are advantages if you are looking to study professional courses in a Nigerian university as a graduate. This is so as graduates of these course get employed easily than others who studied other courses. This does not mean that other courses are bad or that you can not build a solid career out of them. The reason most people undertake these professional courses is to earn professional certificates. Normally, their are bodies that supervise the training of these courses.


Some of these courses include:  law, accounting, pharmacy, medicine, engineering etc An example is accounting, the body in charge of this course is ICAN. No wonder after studying it in the university, students then take the ICAN certification exams which makes one a certified chartered accountant if you merit it. This does not mean that you must offer accounting in the university before you are certified as a chartered accountant.

List of Professional Courses in Nigerian Universities To Study

Studying professional courses in Nigerian universities help graduates to be better exposed and fit for jobs anywhere in the world.

Some of these courses include:

1. Banking and Finance

Due to dynamism, banks today are fond of recruiting graduates from other discipline. Not withstanding, when applying to banking jobs, those who studied banking and finance are always considered before others.

If you want to begin a career in the banking industry as a graduate, you can enroll in the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria. There is a possibility of becoming successful in your career path when you earn the certification in this professional course.

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