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7 types of friends to avoid if you want to succeed this year – Flee from #2 immediately you read this

Friends to avoid: If you wish to know the types of friends to avoid, then you need to read this. “New year new me” always the common line for most people in the new year, but something never changes, and those are the type of friends most of us keep. “Should I just dump my friend for no reason?” that is the question most people ask. I tell you, if they fall into the category of friends in this my post, you shouldn’t just dump them – you can just kick them out.


We are a subtle reflection of the type of friends we keep and if nothing is done, we just end up mirroring their traits. There are several types of friends to avoid in this New Year if you want to succeed, and I believe that you would end up seeing reasons for me.

7. The “Chicken Little”

The 2005 award-winning movie was characterized by an infamous chicken that was known for always screaming foul of everything. The chicken ‘ruined its reputation by giving out false predictions and analysis. At every instance, he felt that the sky was really going to fall.

If you have a friend who discourages you from taking action; who gives a negative expert prediction as to why an investment is bad, a business won’t succeed, why you shouldn’t take risks, how your career would get stalled because of your action, these are the types of friends to avoid this year.

Having a “chicken little” as a friend will make you believe the sky would fall by taking actions in life. They would want to make you wait till the coast is clear – which may never be.

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