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5 ways to deal with a person who has body odour – #4 is the most polite way of making the person know

Like most people, you may find it difficult to approach an individual with offensive body odor. Whether you care about hurting the individual’s feelings or are simply uncomfortable with broaching the subject, body odor is a sensitive subject for many people and should be addressed delicately. The goal is not to embarrass your partner, but to highlight this issue and offer suggestions that will eliminate inappropriate personal hygiene.


1. Address your partner on time, over the phone or by message.

If the individual is likely to be embarrassed, sometimes it is better to talk to him through a medium rather than in-person. While talking face-to-face provides an opportunity to immediately console the individual, it may make him uncomfortable because he may become aware of his smell and its impact on you.

If communicating through messages is your best option, you can do some follow-up discussion and consoling in-person.

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