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A tragic story of a family that had three massive lions as pets – Don’t open if you’re too emotional (With Real Pictures)

Lions: In the 1970s, there was a family in Soviet Union which kept real lions as home pets in their small apartment in Baku city (now Azerbaijan). The head of the family – his name, ironically, was Leo (or Lion in Russian) was a normal Soviet architect. One day, he got a lion cub from the zoo. The little lion had been rejected by his mom-lioness and people of the zoo lost hope to bring him up. So Leo kept a cub for himself. This was the beginning of a long happy story with a really tragic ending. And this is not what you probably think happened. We have this story inside so let’s read on:


He had succeeded in feeding a lion. The animal started to grow, right in the family apartment of Leo. It was a normal family of four – Leo, his wife, and two their kids.

The lion was growing and was totally peaceful towards people. In less than one year, it turned to a full grown animal with a huge hair mane. They called him “King” and they were saying that his temper was of a noble one.

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