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8 Communication techniques which will make your lover open up to you no matter how bad a situation is

Communication techniques: You know how important communication is in a relationship. Without it, your relationship won’t last. You’ll have a number of different problems all based on the fact that you lack the necessary communication techniques to make your relationship work. Luckily, those methods can be learned. But it won’t be without effort. Relationships are hard work and a lot of that work is in the communication. You have to be willing to work on talking to each other. That also means discussing the hard things, too, like your need for more in bed or your lack of feeling cared about.



Too many relationships end because of bad communication

And the worst part about this is the fact that it can be prevented. Bad communication in relationships can be fixed. You really don’t have to sit there and be stuck with so many problems that can be solved by just sitting down and talking to each other.

If you don’t talk about your problems, they just pile up. And the more issues you have swept under the rug, the more you’ll trip over them. You won’t be able to move past those problems after a certain point and that’s when the relationship goes sour. 

Communication techniques that can actually get your partner to open up

Sometimes the lack of communication isn’t just your fault. Honestly, it takes two to have a conversation. But sometimes one person can make it a bit harder on the other who’s trying to get the ball rolling.

If your significant other just won’t open up, it’s a problem. Here are some communication techniques you can use to finally get them to talk about their issues.

#1 Never be accusatory. If you go into your discussion with this kind of attitude, it’ll quickly form into a fight. And when someone is arguing, they feel attacked. If you make your partner feel attacked every time you want to work something out, you’ll never get anywhere.

People who feel like they’re being blamed for something immediately get on the defensive. That means you won’t be able to talk anything through because they’ll close themselves off to protect themselves from hurt. Stay calm and you’ll have a much better conversation.

#2 Start with how you’re feeling. If you really want your partner to pay attention, start the conversation with how you’re feeling. This is one of the most important communication techniques and is crucial because if you immediately begin with their faults, they’ll stop listening.

Nobody wants to hear about all they’re doing wrong. However, if you talk about how you’re upset, they’ll want to listen to why. They care about you. That means they care about your happiness and if you’re not happy, they’ll want to know why.

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