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15 Hollywood celebrities with the most beautiful houses in California – Rihanna’s mansion will captivate you (With Pics)

Celebrities with the most beautiful houses: When it comes to the contemporary vision of the American Dream, many individuals today look beyond just a standard working car, a decent and nice house, and simple luxuries earned out of hardworking labor. Instead, gorgeous million-dollar mansions, revved-up fancy sports cars, and exotic international vacations at only the most exclusive resorts have replaced the commonly outdated ideals as a result of mainstream social media. Celebrities, businessmen and women, and other high-profile figures with excessive net worths can simply post a picture of their much-envied lives for millions to see and fantasize over.


With more and more individuals throughout the world flocking to areas known for their “abundance” of success stories (Los Angeles, New York), it is no surprise that some of the most expensive distinctly designed and structured properties are also available in these cities of dreams. Moreover, given the vast availability of some of the top architects and interior designers in the world in California, some of these properties have individualized touches seen nowhere else in the world. California, being the base of many of the highest-regarded A-list celebrities and the Hollywood entertainment industry, is specifically “home” to some of the most exquisite properties the world has to offer, including jaw-dropping ocean views and coastal mountain ranges that hide incredible multi-thousand-square-foot properties for the elite.

In case one does ever make it to celebrity status, with millions of dollars to spend freely on the most highly-priced properties around the world, here are some of the top 15 most unique and tastefully-designed celebrity properties in California.

15. Lady Gaga’s Malibu Paradise

Lady Gaga is renowned as one of the most iconic pop stars and musicians of the 21st century, distinguished for her eccentric onstage performances and “out-there” artistic demeanor. Though definitely one of the most quirky-minded individuals in the music industry, her strange performance, charisma, and strong personality have garnered her huge profits, enough to buy one of the most luxurious beach house properties in Malibu, California. According to the Los Angeles Times, Gaga purchased her elite Zuma Beach house for $23 million from Dan Romanelli, founder of the Warner Bros. consumer products division. The six-acre 10,270-square-foot property is set overlooking the exquisite beaches of Malibu and is equipped with a two-lane bowling alley, a home theater, a game room, an 800-bottle wine cellar, and an eight-stall stable. All of the features, combined with the more “standard” saltwater pool and spa, make for one beautifully-designed coveted ocean view.

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