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10 good paying Nigerian jobs for SSCE certificate holders – #1 pays close to N1 million

Jobs for SSCE certificate holders: Nigeria is a country facing high unemployment rate, where there are many graduates but no enough job to serve them all. But in this struggle for job and better living, we have 10 Nigeria jobs that you can do with your Senior Secondary Certificate Examination. Most of these job are very rewarding and could get you a better one if you have a higher certificate to present for it, so ladies and gentlemen let me give you a count down from 10 – 1 jobs for SSCE Holders and they are:


10: Sales Job
This job comes in two parts, the first part are those who work in supermarkets, fast food, commercial shops or any medium scale job that need the assistant of a sales boy or girl, these particular people earns about #20,000 – 30,000 Monthly depending on company strength. While the second part are those who make sales for Telecom companies, beverages Companies, Local Herb Drugs or any new product that just come into the market. They can sell or register sim cards, fruit juices, Movies, Local Drugs, Home appliances etc, they are mostly on the street and their salary are base on the amount of sales they make or the duration of the product they are selling which range from #15,000 – #40,000.

9: Filling Station:
This job comes with reward if only you are honest and good in your calculation; you have to attend to people who want to buy petrol, diesel or kerosene. Your role is to sell these products to your customer and make your returns to your manager at the end of your shift. This job has a 24 hours space which two people use to share (Morning and Night), at the end of your shift you are going home with at least #500 from some customer’s changes. Salary in this job depends on the company strength which is from #15,000 – #25,000 monthly. 

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