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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Your Small Intestine

The intestines are a very vital part of your digestive system. They lie between the stomach and the anus. We have  two major sections: the small intestine and the large intestine. In this article we will  focus more on the small intestine. The small intestine also known as ‘small bowel’ in humans is a long, winding tube connected to the stomach. It handles absorption of about 95% of nutrients from food during the digestive process.


Here are 5 interesting facts you need to know about the small intestine:

1.It is actually really long

Although, judging by its name you may want to conclude that the organ is small in size. Well, that’s not the case.

The words “small” attached to the name of this  intestine can be a bit misleading.

The small intestine is termed ‘small’ not in terms of length but for its narrow lumen and smaller diameter. It has a comparatively smaller diameter than the large intestine.

On average, the diameter of the large intestine of an adult human measures approximately 3 times the diameter of the small intestine.

So, how long is the small intestine?

The small intestine is the longest part of the digestive system, having a length of about 6 meters (20 feet). That measures to about the size of a story building if it’s straightened out!

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