Home Entertainment ‘You fat, salty hoe’- Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu insults Eniola Badmus (photos)

‘You fat, salty hoe’- Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu insults Eniola Badmus (photos)

Sophia Momodu insults Eniola Badmus in a furious SnapChat rant and this comes as a surprise to many people, especially because both women were friends and Eniola is Davido’s bestie. Drama started when Sophia took to her SnapChat to contemplate what she would have for dinner. She noted that she already had some Dunkin’ Donuts for dinner and considered having another fancy doughnut from Krispy Kreme same night. Shortly after, Eniola fired the first shot, mocking her for going for the cheap snacks.

“Dunkin’ Donut? What happened to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, even Apple Bees?” the actress asked and added, “You’re better reckon with Popeyes. Dey still gat wedges for munch. #BobssLadiesPayBillz”

Perhaps, the actress was simply teasing the woman she considered friend. Wrong move! Eniola totally missed the mark because Sophia flew into a rage and launched an attack on the actress, body-shaming and even, slut-shaming her.

“How you gon be salty cause I eat whatever the phyuk I want and you can’t hoe,” she began her tirade. “I have wayyy too many responsible people in my life. They won’t let me put this fat, salty hoe in her place. Always talking about people and stay kissing their ass. Fool!”

And she was not done yet.

“Boss ladies don’t beg for love,” she continued, referencing Eniola’s comment about ‘boss ladies’, and added, “They don’t beg for dick either. Sit you cellulite ridden ass down and be humble.”


Seeing the damage she has done to their friendship, and perhaps realising that Eniola was only teasing her earlier, Sophia quickly erased her rants and dropped a new post, saying she was not referring to the actress.


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