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5 things every lady should consider before using a public toilet

So yesterday on my way home, I was so pressed and had to use a rest room as soon as possible. As I sat inside the bus, I silently prayed that the traffic would ease off on time so I could get home before my situation got out of hand. But the traffic wasn’t clearing out anytime soon, so I got down from the bus and made my way to the first fast food restaurant around. What I saw there was an eyesore.


Tissue paper littered on the floor, fermented urine stench, and other unimaginable things welcomed me to the so called rest room, that’s after they insisted that I bought a snack before using the rest room. All these got me thinking, how do people use the so called government owned public toilets if a toilet in a restaurant is as bad as the one I saw.

Here are a few things ladies should consider before using a public toilet in Nigeria.

1.   Health Dangers

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I have to be honest with you, diseases are easily gotten from the use of public toilets, and ladies seem to be more prone to toilet diseases. Due to the poor maintenance of public toilets, flu are easily gotten around these environment. Bacteria transfer, infections etc so prepare your mind for the worst.

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