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5 steps to lose weight (even after menopause)

If the usual advice worked for weight loss after menopause, baby boomer women wouldn’t be facing belly fat and bat wings. Without realizing it most boomers are following a fat belly formula instead of the flat belly formula they want. The old advice to move more, eat less, can and does actually backfire. Instead, reduce your exercise, eat more, and stress best (yes, not less, but best) and the results are balanced hormones that make weight loss possible.


These five ways to weight loss after menopause are not random. They each impact the next. You don’t have to go for them all at once. These seven components have helped midlife women finally lose weight and feel great.

Hint: The feel great happens first. It’s your sign you’re shifting that internal environment. Don’t let the scale predict your happiness.

1. Get more of the right food
Eat more vegetables. Eat more fat. Eat more high fiber foods. If you’re a woman, be sure you’re getting adequate protein at each of three meals. Whether you choose to eat vegan or Paleo or some “flexitarian” style in between, protein will preserve your lean muscle tissue.

Eliminate or severely reduce your intake of sugar and simple carbohydrates. Yes, wine drinkers, that’s you. Assess your own daily nutrition for the area where you could improve.

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