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10 ways corpers ruin their lives during NYSC

National Youth Service Corps can be fun and exciting yet a great time to define your goals in life, a time to build relationship, or any number of other things. It is a step closer to “real life” when there are pitfalls and landmines along the way that can derail one on the path to fulfilling your dreams and careers in life. There are some major dark sides of National Youth Service scheme which are pathetic, thinking of various abnormalities participants are brewing on a daily basis which are:


1. Having secret love affairs with students 

Some male corps members are nothing but paedophiles as they are fond of taking advantage of the innocence of students entrusted with them to gain sexual gratification. It’s very disgraceful to see male corps members jubilating when posted to primary/ secondary schools because they know they stand a very good chance of sleeping with girls that are below the age of consent. This is the height of stupidity being perpetuated by some male corps members and that’s what some of them spend their time doing for a whole year then they return back home the same way they left.

2. Extravagant spending/ lack of saving culture 

Spending recklessly, lavishly and ostentatiously on irrelevant things are common traits among some corpers of today. They eat with their two hands, go into debts and will still demand more money from home. In fact, even their khakis and jungle boots can easily be recognized by every beer palour in their environment where they normally have rendezvous. These are people who will return back home empty handed after their service year after which they will begin to constitute nuisance in the society by becoming IPOB and Afonja when joblessness hit them.

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