Home News Within Nigeria to launch Newspaper, Print to kick off in Lagos

Within Nigeria to launch Newspaper, Print to kick off in Lagos

Another popular online news platform based in Nigeria has revealed plans to lunch their print version. As from December, 2022, Nigerians will have access to Within Nigeria’s print across the Nation.

Readers in Lagos will be the first to have access to the print version, branded News Within Nigeria. Subsequently, it will spread to other major cities such as Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, and Enugu.

Within Nigeria ( www.withinnigeria.com ) is a leading online platform specifically designed to provide internet users across the globe with the latest news and information about the most populous Black Country in the world – Nigeria. The news site is probably the first of its kind, offering a comprehensive platform that provides all there is to know about Nigeria, with different sections covering sports, entertainment, gist, and other related information including articles and blog posts.

Publisher and CEO of Within Nigeria, Mr. Oke Olaitan Ayodeji while announcing the print version of the newspaper in, said the primary purpose is to increase coverage of the newspaper to those ‘addicted’ to reading prints, most especially aged Nigerians.

According to Oke, the Media will further meet the demands of today’s audiences for easy access to premium content. Stressing further, he said the print is in the Media’s milestone and it was envisaged to kick off in the Year 2022 after the online platform has acquired enough ‘loyal’ readers online and huge social media fans.

Speaking on the aims and goals of the print version, the Publisher said Within Nigeria by the proposed date will be ready to meet up with International standards and local rivals will have a new huge competition after the print covers the whole states in Nigeria.

Finally, he said our primary our vision remains constant; To be among the best media setup with the highest numbers of satisfied readers and subscribers.

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