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10 Categories of ladies that will end up as promiscuous wives (with pics) – RUN if you are dating #2, #8 or #10

One slice of reality is that ladies are becoming more promiscuous than men to the extent that many ladies now compete and have multiple sex partners as much as men. The most surprising thing is that, some of them take pride in being promiscuous during the youthful days and when they eventually get married, they still unleash this same act of promiscuity.


Although, I totally understand that guys are not better in any way, but the rate at which female infidelity is now increasing dramatically, a recent article even advised that it’s imperatively obligatory for every man to carry out a DNA on every alleged child, in order to avoid fathering another man’s child(ren). While this sounds very ridiculous and may collapse a marriage, that’s the height at which people no longer trust women.

Without wasting time, here are the 10 categories of ladies who are likely to become unfaithfulness and promiscuous wives.

1. Ladies Who Love Flashy Things

Not all ladies open their legs when being offered money except for materialistic ladies that can easily be bought or lured to bed with a plate of pepper soup (isi ewu, nkwobi) and other ridiculous things. If her hubby gets into financial problem and money no longer flows like before, she will follow anything on trousers just to keep up with her flamboyant lifestyle. Ladies who are thrilled by flashy things are naturally born to be promiscuous and not marriage can change them.

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