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The most useful Android applications – You should get them now!

Android applications: Every day, the market of applications offer plenty of new programs. Applications for devices with the Android operating system take a considerable share in the market, partly due to the fact that, it allows you to implement more features compared to the other platforms. So in order for you to not get lost among the huge diversity of apps, we offer you a list of the most useful Android apps that are really worth your attention and space in your mobile device.

Most of the apps we offer here have to do with organization of your time, and they definitely can help you make your life easier. And if you  want to make your shopping easier – visit Jiji https://jiji.ng/mobile-phones! Jiji is the best online marketplace in Nigeria! Everything you may ever need is here and at the lowest prices!


Accomplish – convenient calendar

Users of mobile devices running Android can use a variety of applications to organize their day. This may be a full calendar, with plans for months ahead, and a simple to-do list that contains just a list of tasks.

Accomplish combines both of these approaches: you can drag tasks directly from your to-do list and plan when you need to complete each of the tasks.


MyLifeOrganized – time management


MyLifeOrganized is just another useful application that allows you to plan and organize your time. MyLifeOrganized will become your personal secretary, which is always beside you, makes a to-do list and sends a notification when you need to implement the tasks.

You can group tasks and set the time of their performance. There is even a possibility to specify the location in which the reminder should work (for example, remind you to buy batteries when you’re in the store).

Todoist – task manager

There are applications that help us to plan the time and manage tasks. One of the best apps is Todoist – a handy task manager. Creating and managing the tasks is as simple as it can be – the app has a fantastic interface.

The possibilities of this app are endless: this scheduler is implemented on all platforms, which allows you to synchronize your tasks list on all devices, as well as share them (for example, with colleagues in order to accomplish common projects).

Randomly RemindMe

The simple app Randomly RemindMe is designed to remind you of something several times a day. For example, to drink a glass of water, make an exercise or a pause in work, grab a bite or take a medication. You can add as many reminders as you want, they have more advanced settings, compared with the possibilities of a regular calendar.

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