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Nigeria Civil Service – This is how Civil Servants in Nigeria are Graded – See the Salary for each grade

Nigeria civil service grade level: How many levels are there? Study the Nigerian civil service grading system and the appropriate salaries. Civil service is the professional activity were people hold specific posts that aid in practical implementation of tasks and functions of the country. These individuals are public servants and have an appropriate authority. Many Nigerians are confident that in order to get the best job, it should have some form of connection to the Nigerian government. But not everyone will get that opportunity.


Nigeria civil service jobs are meant those who want to become well-to-do professionals and enjoy stable employment in Nigeria. One of the most asked questions is about grade levels.

Let’s start from the beginning. It is worth bearing in mind, that minimal salary for a Nigeria civil service worker is N18,000. You can find a full list of wages depending on the level of knowledge and grade levels in the Nigerian civil service below.

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