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12 Actors who turned down roles that could have earn them Millions – #8 would have been the highest paid actor ever

Hollywood can be a fickle beast. Certain actors turn down a role, only to have that same role propel someone else into superstardom. On the other hand, actors can fade into obscurity with a couple of lackluster performances. Choosing what roles to accept and which to decline can be tough when you are a desirable actor. Sometimes they make the right call, and other times, they don’t. Here are 12 extremely popular and successful actors that passed up some potentially major roles in huge films. Number 8 in particular missed out on being in the highest-grossing box office hit ever.


Here are the 12 Actors Who Turned Down Roles That Could Have Made Them Millions

#12 Molly Ringwald Turned Down The Lead Role In Pretty Woman

001-12-molly-ringwald-turned-down-the-lead-a0474d55144c1ddde2b2612103dfb05fThanks to her roles in iconic 80s films like “The Breakfast Club,” Ringwald was among the biggest Hollywood stars in her generation. Thus, she was a major front-runner for the main role in “Pretty Woman.” However, she turned the role down. It ultimately went to Julia Roberts, and turned her into a superstar.

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