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12 things you didn’t know about demonic possession – #7 will shock you [+Photos]

About Demonic Possession – In terms of the scariest things in the universe, it goes clowns, sharks and then demons. Namely because we have definitive proof of the first two and zilch on the latter. And yet, it still serves a healthy helping of fear. Because the possibility of demons offers up a whole host of implications.


One being that there is an afterlife that exists for tormented souls. This itself will put the literal fear of God in just about anyone, and probably inspires thousands of church goers every year.

But beyond merely acting as proof of some sort of spiritual realm, it’s the method of terror that makes demons so utterly frightening. Demonic possession, or the complete takeover of someone else’s body by an ethereal being, is (to put it lightly) an incredibly un-fun prospect. As a human, you take for granted a certain amount of autonomy. It forms who we are as people, so to have it taken away is to lose some amount of your humanity. This assault on one’s being is what makes demonic possession so impossibly terrifying.

That, and the rich history behind it. Indeed, demonic possessions date back for a millennia, and have not slowed in recent years. Perhaps it’s the ever-globalizing world that is driving demons out from under sulfuric rocks and into our souls. Or maybe it’s the election. Who knows? In the meantime, here are some “fun” facts to help you combat the increased activity from the spirit world. Let’s hope you never have to use them.

12. The first Recorded Possession Was By The Sumerians

via UFO-Contact.com

Surprise history lesson! You can’t escape now. Never could, apparently. According to the historically inclined individuals at Indiana University, Sumerians in Mesopotamia are responsible for the oldest recorded exorcisms. In their time, it was considered as routine as pulling teeth and their ‘ashipus’ (medical practitioners) were trained to drive out the demon by way of charms and spells.

This was all going on as early as 2100 BCE, meaning that for the past 4,000 years, we’ve been actively fighting against a hostile spirit world that is trying to possess our physical forms and cause mischief. Of course, historical records from this time are hardly reliable, considering everything from language to human biological make-up has changed since then. Still, this “history lesson” provides the framework for understanding the modern forms of exorcism.

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