10 Disturbing Reasons Most Celebrity Marriages Fail

Here are 10 disturbing reasons most celebrity marriages fail. When Tiwa savage and Teebillz got married, they got so beautiful, that you would swear they were bound to live forever together. With every pose on the red carpet and every walk on the beach, we were sure they were far from celebrity divorce until the rumors began and then that was it.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey, and many other celebrities all over the world have ended up making the round and it will be no more surprising if tomorrow your best celebrity couple, think of any, end apart.

After taking a deep look, we were able to come up with these as the 10 main reasons behind celebrity divorce:

10. Getting lost in their arts

Celebrity Divorce

Being in the spotlight can actually be blinding enough to make you get lost in trying to remain in the spotlight. This is a major issue with celebrities who try as much as possible to hold on to what made them popular until they forget their spouses or the needs of their spouses.

Most like musicians spend more time in studios and shows than at home, while actors and sports people as well spend more time building themselves or working than with their better halves, making the relationships very hard to work out.

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