Here’s why you should reduce your sugar intake now – You need to read this

Sugar Intake: Most people end up consuming too much sugar unknowingly which can cause several health issues for them at the end.

It is inevitable that the body needs sugar but consuming too much sugar is what is bad, that is why you have to be conscious of what you eat because almost everything one eat these days consists of sugar.

There are so many health issues that excess sugar in the body system can cause but the ones listed below stand out.

The risk of Type 2 Diabetes: Research has shown that excess consumption of sugar increases one’s risk of a type 2 diabetes.

Heart Problems: “The fructose in sugar is a major cause of heart problems as its known to spike up insulin levels and shrink the artery which causes major harm to the heart”.

Liver Problems: Regular intake of sugar harms the liver because the liver produces excess lipids when you eat excess sugar which makes the liver overwork itself and eventually “break down”.

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