7 romantic ways to tell your partner “I love you” everyday – This will make them love you forever!

Romantic ways to tell to say I love you: This is powerful stuff! Healthy relationships are based on mutual respect, trust, support, and good communication, as explained in an article by the Hall Health Center at the University of Washington. However, healthy relationships take a lot of work, and the one thing you need to make it stronger is by developing effective and healthy communication. Researchers believe communication is a greater predictor of divorce, more than personality compatibility, commitment levels, and life events, according to American Psychology Association (APA).


In case you were wondering, here are 7 things that couples in healthy relationships say to each other everyday:

1. “You have my support”

Maybe you’re not aware, but it’s important to let your partner know that you support them. Showing support with both verbal and non-verbal cues makes your partner feel safe to be themselves in the relationship, which helps build trust and intimacy, confirmed in a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The study found that relationship quality improved when partners showed compassionate support for each other’s personalities and values.

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