20 times the Kardashians and Jenners nude photos broke the internet – #10 and #4 got everyone gaga

Kardashians and Jenners nude photos: Even though we have seen it before, it pretty much always makes headlines whenever one of the Kardashian or Jenner girls gets naked. It always ignites some sort of controversy and I just don’t get why. Nudity is empowering to some people and modesty is empowering to others. I don’t think anyone has the right to tell people what to do with their own bodies, but it does happen pretty much every time these ladies post a photo.


And I just do not get it. They work hard for their bodies and are comfortable sharing them with the world. It should be something that is applauded, not scolded. Besides, there are plenty of people who post nude photos for no money and a couple Instagram likes. At least these girls are capitalizing on their global fame and making some money all while promoting body positivity.

Sadly there is a heavy amount of hate and praise whenever this family strips down. Pretty much every time it happens there is some sort of social media conversation about feminism and setting a good example using the latest buzzwords. The people who don’t want these photos online ironically bring more attention to them. This coupled with the love from fans means that this family is bound to take over the internet every single time they get naked.

Check out 20 times that Kardashian/Jenner nudity broke the internet

20. Kim Bared It All For Paper Magazine


This wasn’t the first time that we saw Kim Kardashian naked, but there was just something so forthright about her Paper Magazine photo shoot that just took the internet by storm. I mean it even had the phrase “break the internet” on the front cover. When the cover shot made the rounds online, people were outraged and turned on by Kim’s oiled up butt being out in the open. And then people just went absolutely batshit crazy when they saw the other photos from the spread. Kim was just standing there completely naked with her hands at her side, nipples out, and vagina uncovered.

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