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Download Eight by Olufemi The Great (Fame and Luv Music)

@OlufemiTheGreat, whose native name is Olu Balogun, is well-know as a Writer and Business Developer, however, this is the first time anyone gets to experience him as a Musical Artiste. According to the Nigerian-born Artiste, he has always had a passion for Music but always felt the time was not right to put the Music out there.

He also said he isn’t going into Music for the money because he took out time to establish himself in the Business Development world before starting his music career, so he can simply sing from his heart and mind, and not have to live off his Fans’ validation. His Music style extends from Rap to Afrobeat and on to RnB. He calls it ‘H.A.R: Hip-Hop, Afrobeat & RnB’.

When asked why he named this song ‘EIGHT’, he responded; “I studied Philosophy in the University of Lagos, as a first choice, and I have always been fascinated by numbers. I try to see a deeper meaning in them. For me ‘8’ stands for Progress and ultimate stability; it can also simply be translated as ‘Wealth’; reaching a point in life where you begin to feel balanced and don’t need to struggle for comfort.”

He was born into a large Family from which he is the last born. His siblings include the Nigerian Actor; Lanre Balogun and Gospel singer; Kike Mudiaga.

I think that’s enough said. It’s time to Party! Download the Song and start dancing!!

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