BEFORE YOU MARRY HIM: Read this to know if he will be a wife beater

If he will be a wife beater : Everyday, stories of husbands beating up their wives mercilessly abound. They posit it’s done to put some real senses into their stubborn heads. These shameless men also believed there can never be two equal masters in the same house. Sadly, these women had to endure these abusive relationships, putting up with different forms of domestic and physical abuses.


Perhaps, these women are in it because of their children, maybe because they love the man or because they’re certain that someday, he’ll change. Yet, nothing improves; nothing changes.

There is this notions and misconceptions; this backward and forward debates between the male versus the female superiority complex: the gender debate to put it more succinctly. There’s also this archaic belief that the male is supposed to be the head of the home while the female is supposed to be the neck.

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