LADIES: Characteristics of a Fu*k Boy (Must Read)

Characteristics of a Fuck Boy: Flamboyant Psychologist Joro Olumofin (pictured above) just published an article which according to him, highlights the Characteristics of a Fuck Boy, Why ladies fall for FB, How they affect us? 

1. Who is a Fuckboy? : A FB is any guy who comes into a lady’s life with the sole purpose of taking, taking and taking from her without giving her anything meaningful or noble in return. He takes her time, years of her life, he uses her body as a playground and tool, he stands in the way of real men while prophesying fake love and selling ladies false dreams and hope. A Fuckboy is the older brother to Yoruba Demons.

Characteristics of a Fuckboy:

1) A FB uses the promise of marriage as a tool to bait ladies into sleeping with him

2) A FB has 1 or 2 engagements rings in the picture Gallery or possession to deceive 100’s of ladies the ring is for them

3) Any guy who talks about something special but not defined is a FB

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