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If you want him to go crazy about you on the first date, read this now.

Dress ‘sexy”(seductive, sensual and provocative) and that man will treat you as a sex object. Now, someone will ask ‘how do I dress like a queen when I can’t afford expensive clothes?’  Dressing good has nothing to do with the cost of the dress. 

As a matter of fact, I have seen people wear very expensive dresses wrongly and they look so cheap. You can take good care of that ‘bend-down-select’ dress you have and rock it like it’s a Versace.  Your dress doesn’t place value on you rather, you place value on the dress. All you need do is keep it clean and well ironed. Combine them well and you are good to go!

Don’t dress in a way that exposes parts of your body that should be covered.  You don’t have to expose your cleavage or butts in order to get a man.  Any man you get that way is coming for those boobs and butts! When he tastes them, he will leave you. You want a man who will see your content and love you for you, not love you for your private parts. Trust me, men know a wife material when they see one and it begins from how you dress.

One may ask, ‘should I now be wearing oversized clothes all in a bid to cover up?’ NO! Wearing oversized clothes is wrong. 

Wear what fits. When you know what body shape you have, then you will know what fits you best. The internet is your friend. Make some research if you do not know yet. This will help you shop right when next you shop for clothes.

Another thing you must take note of is how you smell. Please ladies, always have your perfume with you. Let smelling nice be a priority! Take a bath. Freshen up when you have a date. Let your hair smell good. I am hoping you don’t carry one hairstyle for months without washing because, that will be a disaster. Let your nails be neat.

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