If you can’t last 20 minutes in bed, follow these 3 steps..

Last 20 minutes in bed – If you are not lasting longer in bed to give your wife or girlfriend a penetration Or*-Gas*-M, you are not pleasing her in bed! It’s as simple as that.The most important thing to any thoughtful guy when it comes to S*-Ex-X is to give his partner that intense Or*-Gas*-M women get from penetration. But unfortunately he is unable to last longer in bed to make this a reality for his woman.


It takes women about 10-15 minutes of penetrative S*-Ex-X to reach a penetration Or*-Gas*-M. So that means you have to last the same amount of time during S*-Ex-X if you want to give your woman a penetration Or*-Gas*-M.

If you can last 20 minutes in bed, she might even achieve multiples.

Understand: If you know how to fully arouse a woman S*-Ex-Xually before intercourse, you can lower her threshold for Or*-Gas*-M and she can achieve one a lot faster.

So without further ado, let’s get to the steps.

If you are unable to last more than 15 minutes during S*-Ex-X to satisfy your woman and it is causing distress to you or her…

Step #1 – Spend a lot of time on foreplay

Preferably 20 minutes.

Kiss her passionately on her lips and gently kiss around her throat and neck. Caress her breast and nipples.

Explore her whole body with your mouth and tongue.

The great thing about foreplay is that, it will help you stay relaxed and in the moment. You will be much calmer and relaxed, and it will become easier for you to control your excitement and anxiety and consequently last longer during S*-Ex-X.

She on the other hand, will be crazily turned on and ready for an explosive Or*-Gas*-M.

S*-Ex-X isn’t a race, so take your time. Spend enough time on foreplay. Not only will it help you stay relaxed, it will also boost her arousal and bring her to Or*-Gas*-M quickly when you eventually penetrate her.

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