13 tragic deaths caused after taking a selfie (With Photos)

Deaths caused after taking selfie : There are many ways to die in this world, yet many would not include taking selfies as one of these dangerous acts. However, in recent years there is no denying that selfies are becoming more and more lethal. At this stage, there have been cases all over the world of individuals injuring, or even killing themselves, all for the sake of a photo that they believe will make them appear cool on social media. Alarmingly often, selfies are taken way too far, as people go to ridiculous lengths to capture themselves in risky or astonishing positions.


This is very common among younger generations, as they often seem to base their self-worth on the the number of likes they accumulate online. Obviously, the world has become selfie obsessed and this list highlights just why that is so dangerous. The cases listed below all revolve around individuals who died trying to capture “the perfect selfie.” Sadly, these pictures are now commonly referred to as “kilfies” instead. It’s safe to say that if they had the chance to speak now, the people on this list would all agree that a photo was definitely not worth it.

13. Anna Ursu

via Topky.sk

via Topky.sk

The tragic Romanian teen, Anna Ursu, burst into flames atop a train after accidentally touching a live wire when trying to obtain the ‘perfect selfie.’ The incident took place in the town of Lasi, after Anna, accompanied by a friend, traveled to the train station with the goal of a selfie in mind. Anna had been planning to post the selfie online for her friends to see. Unfortunately, tragedy struck as when Anna lay down on the top of the train, she lifted one of her legs in a pose and mistakenly touched a live wire, causing an explosion that saw Anna erupt in flames. Anna was struck with 27,000 volts and received burns over her body. It is said a passer-by tried very hard to save Anna’s life, however, the 18-year-old later died in a hospital. The bolt that hit Anna was so strong that it sent the friend accompanying her flying off the roof. The friend later recovered in hospital and explained how the pair were so intent on getting the ‘perfect selfie’ that they never stopped to consider the risks they were taking.

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