6 places in Nigeria where men will chase you tirelessly.. Looking for a husband? See this now!

Places in Nigeria : For women, Nigeria is fortunately (and unfortunately) full of men’s attention most places you go. You have the men with pride who will send someone else to talk to you and fash you once you ignore them. You have the dedicated ones who will try to see if they can turn their rejection into acceptance by changing their approach. Then you have the annoying die-hards with absolutely no shame who fit die on top your matter. If you say no, they will not give up. 


If you block their number, they will call with their friends line.

Below are six places in Nigeria where you are most likely to get too much attention, so ladies can be careful. See list below:

1. The market

men disturbing you (2)

Every woman who goes to the market knows it is a war zone when it comes to avoiding men. In some markets, you are even advised to wear long clothing to cover you so you don’t draw extra attention to yourself. Whether you are passing by the stalls or just standing in a corner, you will have a male vendor who is interested in you and not your money, calling out to you. ‘Fine girl’, ‘Baby girl’, ‘Sweetheart’ etc. Some will even go as far as prostrating in public or doing something very bold just to get you to talk to them.

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