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10 businesses you can do in Nigerian Universities and you’ll be a millionaire before you graduate

Businesses you can do in Nigerian Universities: Being a student in Nigeria is not cheap. You have to pay for books and handouts, make photocopies, pay for transportation, accommodation and feeding as well as a whole lot of other expenses.Considering the fact that most Nigerian parents are within the middle and low income bracket, it is doubtful that students would be able to get everything they need to survive in school from home.



This business is 1 business you want to take advantage of because of the
demand of it,
It demands just a little capital of about #4000 and nothing else.
Who are the people that requires your services?
you can contact the school fellowships,churches,school societies, clubs,
and private schools around you offering them your services.


1.Requires very little startup capital
2.Very lucrative because all organization in the
school are in need of it
3.Does not affect your studies
4. Requires for you to have a very good internet connection. e.g a cyber cafe, your personal laptop or dekstop,or maybe a friends computer .
5. you need a very stable phone to recieve calls from clients

Want to start this business get addicted to this blog because i will be dropping
detailed explanation here very soon 

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