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The reasons why Dangote cement is so popular – This is what you never knew

A combination of outstanding benefits and government support enabled Dangote Group to become Nigeria’s largest company. The company’s determination will be given a test-drive as its product spreads all over the African continent.

About the firm

Dangote Cement Plc is an integrated quarry-to-depot cement manufacturer of the world significance and the biggest cement producer in Nigeria. It produces about 20 million tons of cement per year and plans to sell it in 14 other countries in Africa.

At the moment the company is investing about $4 billion in order to enlarge its capacity to 50 million tons a year with at least 32 million tons produced in Nigeria.

Company’s today total production capacity in Nigeria from the three huge plants Obajana (10.25), Ibese (6.0) and Gboko (4.0MMTPA) is 20.25MMTPA.

The specialists claim that the company produces cement of the highest quality. Is this so? We are going to find this out for you!

Dangote is a premium quality cement!

According to the experts, Dangote cement is the most common brand in the Kano market. This is because Dangote Group has much more trucks for delivery to the markets compared to such companies as BUA and Ashaka Cement.

Dangote Cement is considered the best and the most widespread product in the market.

Mr. Tony Chukuemeka, a construction worker with over 20 years experience, claims that Dangote cement is his first choice because “it dries and hardens quickly and is good for both house construction and building bridges”. After there was a shortage of BUA Tony had to switch to Dangote Cement, he said it was better than the cement of other brands like Sokoto or Ashaka.

Mr. James Adamu, a builder with experience of working for several construction companies says ‘Dangote is firm and hard as well’, he says. “Those involved in house construction, buy mostly the Dangote cement.”

Most of the builders prefer Dangote. Isaiah Dong rated it the highest quality cement because “it mixes and holds sands and stones together extraordinary firmly”. Abdullahi Salihu also confirms that Dangote “has the best quality texture that blends perfectly and dries in no time”.


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