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LADIES: If your man does these 6 shady things, know he’s definitely cheating on you!


Know he’s definitely cheating on you – Don’t miss these, ladies. Imagine trying to get home early to surprise your man. Before getting out of your car, you check yourself in the mirror to make sure that your hair is just the way he likes it. Then you head to the door and open it… but when you do, you can hear some noise coming from upstairs. “Maybe he’s watching porn?” you think.


As you quietly make your way up the stairs to surprise him, you can hear his grunting getting louder and louder. Suddenly, you’re not so sure he’s watching porn anymore.

And when you open his bedroom door, your life literally crumbles before your eyes. He’s in bed with some skank.

You feel this horrendous rush of emotion coming over you: anger, sadness, jealousy, rage, fear. So, how can you avoid it? And how can you answer that pesky question, “Is he cheating?” so that you don’t have to witness something like this? Well, your best option is to look out for these signs of cheating.

1. He has a sudden interest in his appearance.

If your man was not particularly interested in how he looked before but now is suddenly interested in making himself look more attractive, then you may already be wondering if he’s cheating. Perhaps he has started to go to the gym, wants to lose weight and/or to add muscle mass to his body, or maybe he is suddenly dressing in a fashionable way — all these things are quite suspicious for a knowing woman.

If you have spent more time with your man and he never actually did this before, then it is normal that you get suspicious. Who is he doing this for — himself, or another woman? Is he cheating or is he planning to cheat?

Make sure to ask yourself if he is just trying to change and live a healthier life. These questions may eat you up, but the truth is that this alone is not a sign that he is cheating. In the end, he may just be trying to look better for you and for himself. So accusing him of trying to feel better about his appearance is not fair.

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