LADIES: 7 things even the WORST cooks can make that will impress ANY man

Things even the WORST cooks can make – You’ve got this. Every once in a while, when I start dating someone new, I get this overwhelming urge to cook for them. What is it about our biology that sends us scrambling to the internet typing in “romantic food ideas” every time we meet a man with a penis that we’d like to spend some time inside of us?


For me, cooking isn’t a stressful ordeal.

I’m a self-taught cook, but a good one, and if want to wow a man with romantic food ideas, I can do it and then some.

But I know that not everyone was born to cook. 

I once had a roommate who somehow managed to explode a pan just by boiling water.

But that didn’t keep her from wanting to cook romantic meals when she met someone she liked.

And I always want to be helpful.

So if you are aching to cook for your sweetie, but cooking isn’t your forte, here are some romantic food ideas that are PERFECT for you.

1. Steak 

There are very few meat-eating men who won’t swoon over the idea of a woman preparing them a steak. And spoiler alert: cooking a steak is very easy.

Get a pan as hot as you can, salt and pepper your steak, drop it on there, let it cook until juice pools on the top, flip it over, and presto!

A meal fit for your sexy king.

If you really want to challenge yourself, coat a potato in olive oil and salt and let it cook in your over on 450 for an hour.

That will really blow his mind and make you feel like Julia Child … only even sexier.

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