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LADIES: 5 Sure signs his cheating is becoming an emotional abuse


Emotional abuse – He doesn’t have to touch you to hurt you.When someone has been unfaithful to you, it is a blow to your relationship unlike any other you will ever experience. When the truth of his infidelity becomes known, you will have to make one of two possible decisions — and NEITHER of them will be remotely easy.


Do you do the substantial and difficult work of building your relationship back up over time?

Or, do you leave?

Unfortunately, if you stay, there is no guarantee that your partner will never cheat again.

Rebuilding your relationship from scratch the first time is one thing, but having to do it over and over again begs an important question: When does infidelity become abuse?

If you find yourself in the painful situation of trying to figure this out about your own relationship (and I’m so sorry if that’s what brings you here today), here are 5 signs that his cheating has become abusive behavior.

1. When there’s a cycle 

Cycles are easy to spot in domestic violence. There is a period of tension that continues to build up, often followed by an outburst, which is then followed by an apology and a promise to change.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

When cheating is an isolated incident it can be a mistake or an opportunity to rebuild the foundations of your relationship over time.

But when his cheating becomes a cycle like this, that’s when infidelity becomes abuse.

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