13 struggles Plus-Sized women go through

Plus-Sized: The struggle of them curves … If you exceed the capacity of size 12 jeans, you’ve probably heard a lot of people say shit (and almost get hit) in your life. Heck, even when people don’t say shit, you’re dealing with plenty of other stuff inflicted by our current society anyway! Truth is, most people don’t know what it’s like to be fat.  

But why should they? We don’t know the struggles of many people in this world. So in an effort to enlighten, please consider these 13 struggles of fat women … 


1. Being called “pretty for a fat girl.”


People will say stuff like “you’re pretty for a fat girl” or “You’re fat but you’re pretty” as if pretty and fat don’t go together. How does that make sense? Related struggle: “But you have SUCH a pretty face.”

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