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12 Places in the world with the worst public transportation – You need to see number 1! (With Pictures)


Public transportation – If you thought that the metro or the bus was bad in places like Toronto, Detroit or even Atlanta – welcome the world’s 12 places with the worst public transport. Ever. From death trains that fly at heart-stopping speeds, packed with passengers like sardines in a can, to ferries that often capsize and kill hundreds in a year, the public transport systems in third world nations, developing countries and tourist traps far exceed even your worst subway experience.


Some of these cities lack infrastructure, but mostly, it’s the financial crunch that the citizens face that leads them to defy death in a bid to get to work and back, on an everyday basis.

A zillion accidents waiting to happen, and some tragedies that have already unfolded –these are those cities of the world, where taking public transport can put a scare in you, mostly for your life – arranged in no particular order but chaos…

12. Jakarta, Indonesia – Ojek Taxis

Via TodayOnline

The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is facing a traffic crisis of sorts. With too many cars on the road, and still more being added every day, and an infrastructure that hasn’t kept up the pace, the city is witness to legendary jams and complete gridlocks. In 2014 the executive director of Indonesia Effort for Environment Ahmad Safrudin warned of a total gridlock if steps weren’t taken to improve the infrastructure.

Many top business companies in Jakarta have taken to mobile offices –roomy cars with a strong Internet connection and provisions to have meetings on the road itself in a bid to boost productivity amidst the traffic challenges. And it’s not just cars and buses on the road. Jakarta is also home to two-wheeler taxis called Ojek aimed at tourists – these bike-taxi drivers, however, give daredevilry a whole new name with the hapless passengers hanging on for dear life, mostly without helemts! Remember before you hop on that Ojek – bargaining is the norm, lest the driver takes you for a ride, literally.

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