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LADIES: Before you leave your spouse for your lover, Make sure you consider these 7 things!


Before you leave your spouse for your lover – Having an affair and considering ending your marriage? Consider this before taking the plunge. That’s it. You’ve decided that today, you’re leaving your relationship to be with your soul mate. Never again will you settle for the dreary, disconnected existence you’ve been living, when you can have the breath-stopping, romantic, intoxicating life you’ve been having in secret during your affair.


Sounds familiar? If you’re considering ending your current relationship for a new relationship, you may want to slow down and ask yourself these 7 questions first:

1. Do you really know your lover? 

No one is perfect but when we’re in the throes of infatuation, we have a difficult time seeing any flaws in our partner. Everything they do seems wonderful, the relationship is perfect and nothing will ever change that.

You convince yourself that no one has ever made you feel this way before.

If you’re still in this infatuation stage, you’re not seeing the relationship realistically. Everything changes over time, and routine could settle in quickly. Don’t forget that your lover knows you’re married and is complicit in the lying having an affair requires.

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