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LADIES: If your guy takes too long to cum, do these 3 things ASAP!


If your guy takes too long to cum – A 60-Minute Man isn’t as fun as you might think. A guy who lasts a really long time in bed seems like a good problem to have, but it’s not a good problem at all. If it takes forever to get your guy to climax, it’s not that fun for you or your vagina. When the friction that started out so delicious starts to rub you the wrong way, you can get bruised, torn, and your vaginal lips can become swollen.


The fantasy may be to go all night but that doesn’t mean you should be pounded the whole time, especially if you already had a few orgasms.

Reddit user Throownout said, “Yes, I’m serious that’s how long [30-40 minutes] it takes, and women who have never dealt with that should cringe and smash their legs together to have that kind of friction in their vagina that long.”

It’s a tricky situation. Both partners should have their needs met in the most satisfying way, but damn could he finish up now? You don’t want to start faking orgasms because it will bring in an element of dishonesty into the bedroom and call into question the legitimacy of your previous orgasms.

What should you do when your guy takes FOREVER to come?

In a Women’s Health orgasm, Emily Morse, Ph.D., sexpert and host of the podcast Sex with Emily, gives some suggestions on how to deal with the guy who takes forever to get over the finish line.

1. Use lube, lube and more lube.

Keeping things slippery down there may help both of you orgasm and it will help with the friction problem, especially since you can feel dry after a marathon session.

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