LADIES: 8 ways to use your tongue during s*x – this will make your man go crazy!


Ways to use your tongue during sex – There’s always room for improvement. It’s well-known that the human tongue is one of the most complex and flexible muscles in our bodies, so let’s use it to its full advantage during oral sex. Most of us remember the first time we were French kissed, and for most, it was a lightning bolt over the altar experience.


“Bring that forward to dramatically enhance the pleasure you give your partner. This can include using your tongue pretty much anywhere on your partner’s body that he or she likes, from head to toe (and even rimming for the truly adventurous),” says sexpert Coleen Singer.

For men, here are a couple of tips when giving her cunnilingus.

1. Take it slow, and focus on a circular motion.

Slowly begin tracing circles around her clitoris with your tongue.

“Make sure your movements are slow, steady and rhythmic. Use very light, slow circles — pretend your tongue is a feather when you first begin. As her pleasure increases, begin to flick the hood of her clitoris like you are teasing it. It has over 6,000 nerve endings, so be gentle!” says Singer.

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