4 Reasons why women love men with big penis…


Why women love men with big penis – If you have a small or an average penis size, I am pretty sure you must be feeling a little depressed seeing the title of this article, but that is a fact. Women love thick and long penises. This is something you just have to accept by the end of this article. Since you already know that women love big penises let’s try and understand why exactly they love having sex with a man with a large penis.


1. The first reason why women love bigger penis is that a thick and long penis looks much better than a small or an average penis in the eyes of most women. This is just something that you cannot really understand.

Men love women with beautiful faces, big breasts, big buttocks and other features that we could keep listing. So it is with women when it comes to sex, women would always prefer a big penis to a small one just like you always prefer a beautiful woman to an average looking woman.

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