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13 Times the ‘White Media’ stole from ‘Black Culture’ – You’ll be surprised to see this! (With Pictures)


Times the ‘White Media’ stole from ‘Black Culture’ – Water is wet, Trump is President of the United States, and “white media” “vultures” black culture. Let us be honest with each other. We know this happens and it’s time to have fun and call it the hell out. “White media” has been cultivating practices and shaping influences from black culture for decades.


To anyone wondering, the term “white media” essentially means white led mainstream media that caters to mostly white audiences. White media controls a large amount of what millions of people see on the screen, and thus can be a huge influence in regards to information. Anyone confused by this phrase can listen to “Power” by Kanye West (“…in this white man’s world/we’re the ones chosen…”) or simply look at any non-minority focused magazine at the grocery store, or hell, just google it.

Some may call it stealing, others may refer to it as a more technical term such as cultural appropriation. For namesake let’s call it “culture vulturing.” We see it every day in magazines, on TV, hear it in music, and see it projected on film. There’s a difference between sharing culture, being influenced by culture, and making it one’s own. When aspects of said culture are outright taken, claimed, and accepted as something it’s simply not…we’ve got a nice fun conversation on our hands.

13. Giving Dap


You see it all the time. Whether it’s a sports game, in politics, in music videos, during award shows, or President Barack Obama doing it on multiple occasions. It’s the proverbial “brotha” greeting; the black man’s handshake, aka Giving Dap. Except this particular form is executed when two opposite counterparts or comrades grab each other’s hands and proceed to bring each other in towards the insides of the opposite portions of their respective chests.

THE HANDSHAKE (or dap) is successfully completed when the two individuals pat each other on the back with their free hand. There are multiple variations of giving dap and cool fun interpretations, but this is the one that is seen the most. Origins of the dap can be traced back to black soldiers who were stationed in the pacific during the Vietnam War.

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