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12 Smoking hot Canadian dream girls you should be following on Instagram (With Pictures)


Hot Canadian dream girls – Oh Canada… a land of extreme weather conditions, some of the worst drivers in the world, and the birthplace of Ryan Reynolds. When Canada is brought up in discussion, it’s usually to do with their free health care system, strong diversity, outrageous renting prices, or how darn cold it is three quarters of the year.


However, Canada has a secret to tell: it’s FULL of beautiful women! With the rise of social media, especially Instagram, the world has been blessed with the discovery of these beauties. Whether your niche is blond or brunette, fit or curvy, booty or boobs, Canada has it all. In fact, many Instagram models seen with millions of followers are indeed Canadian by birth.

These women are fitness models, actresses, industry models – all with growing social media followings. These girls have clearly found the secret to maintaining a proper social media presence. As their follower numbers keep growing so do their sponsorships, endorsements, and careers. Making thousands each year, travelling to exotic places, and partying their perfectly toned butts off is all part of the job.

Their posts leave little to the imagination, so we’re sure filling up your feeds with their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook posts shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy our list of 12 of the most beautiful women to follow on social media who hail from the “Great White North.”

12. Samantha Ravndahl

Via twitter

This Vancouver cutie earned her rise to fame due to her extreme talent as a make-up artist. Her original fan base belonged to her YouTube account which now stands a roughly 650,000 subscribers. Ravndahl then moved to the world of Instagram which earned her a whopping 2.5 million followers on that platform. Samantha transitioned her photos from the generic make-up shots to more a model-esque style in late 2015.

Samantha now has the dream job as she flies across the world to promote different events, products, and places. Not only does the girl have a picture perfect face and curvaceous body but she even has the talent to back it up… just check out her recent Halloween look. Ravndahl is worth a follow for anyone interested in awesome makeup styles that break away from the norm.

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