12 Gadgets that will make you NEVER want to leave the shower… that luxury lifestyle! (With Pictures)


Gadgets – Showers. They’re… fine. They’re an everyday, utilitarian ritual we just have to get through so we don’t get ostracized by strangers on the street. Sure showers can feel pretty nice after a long day watching cat videos at the office, but let’s admit it: showers in general are roughly 8.2 minutes of nothing very special.


Luckily, scientific progress isn’t just for missions to Mars and self-driving cars anymore. Some of our brightest minds have eschewed the advancement of the human race in favor of making showers great again. We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make showers better than they once were.

Screw short, boring showers. Let’s put “hours” back into “showers” and give into glorious pruney fingers. Here are 12 gadgets that will make you never want to leave the shower again.

12. Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower With Whirlpool Bathtub

via:Home Depot

When we were children, we ate ramen, slept on futons, and drove a Versa Note. But when we grew up, we put away childish things and started eating sushi, sleeping on mattresses, and driving a car with power locks. Likewise, it’s time you upgraded your shower to the Ariel WS-701 Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtub.

This shower has literally everything. A 3Kw steam generator will blast clean every pore on your body while you sit on a built-in seat and get hydro-massaged by a series of 6 water jets and 12 body jets. There are two handheld shower heads, but why even bother when it has a rainfall ceiling shower? LED lighting. Blue tempered glass. Exhaust fan. A computer control panel with a useless timer since you’ll never get out.

Too lazy to stand? It’s also a Whirlpool tub. Fill it with bubble bath from the mounted liquid dispensers and take the best nap of your life. $2,779 for something you’ll use twice a day forever? Not too shabby.

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