9 facts about blowjobs that will blow your freaking mind


Facts about blowjobs – The most interesting history lesson you’ll EVER get. While the history books are filled with many a first (the first airplane to circumnavigate the globe, the first radio transmission, and the first president), there is one very notable first that is sadly omitted: the BJ.

Who honestly was it who took a look at the D and said, OK, put that in my mouth now?

After doing some research on the subject it appears there are some who trace fellatio back to prehistoric times. In fact, French paleontologist Yves Coppens suggested that the famous Lucy (the first prehistoric woman) did the job 3.2 million years ago. This underscores the belief that mammals have an inherent desire to explore their surroundings with their mouths.

But it is the Egyptians who leave us with the most traceable proof of oral sex (via cave paintings and myths alike), including some very well-hung hieroglyphic males doing it to themselves. Although it is hard to say exactly who was responsible for crossing the threshold into the nether regions for the first time, we did learn a lot in our quest for an answer.

Here, 10 interesting takeaways from the hummer’s illustrious history.

1. In Ancient Rome men of status could receive, not give

It was common practice in Roman times that noble men and soldiers were on the receiving end of the BJ, while slaves and lower class women would be the ones on their knees. Interestingly, the male was seen as the active participant of the act while the woman was seen as passive, as she was the one “receiving” the penis.

Because Roman society was patriarchal and masculinity defined a person’s standing in society, it’s only fitting that blow jobs were an extension of that concept. In fact, a man looking to return the favor to his female lover was seen as a total loser.

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