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5 best ideas for a first date venue – Guys, you need to see this

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Ideas for a first date: Although first dates should be casual, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan anything ahead. There is one first-date scenario that women hate most of all. It’s when a woman shows up and a man goes like “Where do you want to go?”. In the dating game, it’s a man who chooses the venue and carefully plans his first date in advance. The spot where a first date takes place largely determines your success with a girl. So, you need to make the right choice in order to wow a woman. Not all places that are good for regular dates will work for a first encounter. Dating experts from Ukrainian Site Natasha Date provided a list of places that will make excellent venues for a first date.

A lounge café

The place where you ask a girl out should set the right mood for a conversation because you want to get to know each other and this is possible only through communication. One of those places where you can have a nice talk is a café. We don’t recommend restaurants because most of them don’t have that favorable atmosphere that cafes have. However, cafes can be different too. You need to pick the one with comfortable sofas, lounge music, and romantic interior. The tables should be arranged in the way that provides enough privacy. The place should give you the feel that it’s only you two there. It will help you focus your attention on your date, be relaxed, and sit down next to her on a sofa when you feel the connection.

A stroll in the park

The idea is not new but it proves to be a great option for a first date. It doesn’t mean you’ll just take a walk and that’s it. Modern parks are full of entertainment so be ready to have fun. Actually, having fun is what dates are about. First, you can stroll a bit, then sit down on a bench and feed pigeons or ducks (if there is a pond), and after that eat an ice cream or cotton candy. Getting a bit childish will help you both relax and this will definitely benefit your conversation. If your date is wearing comfortable clothes you may offer her to go for a Ferris wheel or carousel ride. Another perk of this first date is that it will be easier to impress your girl on the next, more advanced, date.

An unusual place

If you want to win the woman’s heart, you need to evoke in her as many positive emotions as possible. For this, you need to take a creative approach while choosing the venue for your first date. The best option is to find some romantic place. It can be the roof of a high-rise building, a stud farm where you can go for a horseback riding, or any other place where she has never been and will unlikely visit without you. By taking her to some interesting and romantic place, you’ll really melt her heart and make her fall for you. Still, it’s better to choose something more casual for a first date and gradually upgrade your dates with her making them more sophisticated.


It’s not an unusual place but it will make a great venue for a first date. You need to organize your date in such a way that it will involve a certain activity and at the same time will not prevent you from having a nice conversation. Bowling seems like a perfect first-date activity. It doesn’t require special skills and efforts and you can easily talk while rolling the balls. If your date has never played it, you can instruct her on how to do it. Since touching is important on first dates, you’ll have an excellent excuse to touch her hands and some (safe) parts of her body while teaching her how to play bowling. Also, there is usually a lounge zone near the tracks, so you can sit there once you get tired, relax, and talk in an unstrained atmosphere.

A mixed date

Going out on a date a woman expects to experience new emotions. If you manage to surprise and evoke a palette of feelings in her, you will secure a second date. It can be pretty difficult to achieve such an effect by sitting at a café and sipping latte for an hour. In order to make your date unforgettable, you need to change at least two locations. For example, you take a walk in the old part of the city or go to a skating rink and then dine at the nearest café or small restaurant. This way you’ll combine several activities and make your date more interesting.

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